Taylor A Crockett

  • Visual Designer
  • Seattle, WA

Biologist turned artist; Taylor has an elegant aesthetic, a dedicated drive, and a knack for problem-solving developed from a passion for science.

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Taylor is a passionate, driven illustrator and designer focusing on clear and respectful communication between artist and client.

She is the author and illustrator of the semi-autobiographical webcomic 'Natural Tan', a freelancer, has been a jewelry and graphic designer, production designer, and more. She is an outspoken activist for progressive global change and education and supporter for organizations that follow that mission. Through professionalism, empathy, and laughter, she aims to leave a positive impact on the planet.


Requested Panelist, Geek Girl Con

Speaker on the ‘Comics as Resistance’ panel.

Honor Society Initiate, Tau Sigma Delta

Initiate of honor society for architecture and the allied arts